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Winemaker for Titiyaphon escort wrote:
I could be biased given my recent circumstances but that's my 2 cents. see the review
Perniciousness for Diina escort wrote:
The greatest nonsense is people are supposed to be trusting and cool when the partners are texting former partners or strangers left and right. see the review
Commanding for Gjylferije escort wrote:
Her conduct is already questionable. If everything was above board why would they hide the contact from buddy's wife, yes her ex husband understandably but the wife? And her dropping his name randomly is not random at all. A person's name who she's supposedly not texting that much but making lunch plans keeps popping up is a red flag. see the review
Poked for Wilayporn escort wrote:
Have fun with her. Don't fall in love or propose. see the review
Blitzen for Yanula escort wrote:
There's just so much wrong with it, that nothing else even matters, it can only be worse but not one thing she could ever say or do could make it better. see the review
Winnifred for Saibat escort wrote:
If you were dating for a couple of weeks then I could understand keeping an FWB option open in case it doesn't work out. But after 4 months I think it's time to concentrate on plan A. The only reason to keep communicating with an ex FWB is if you don't value your current relationship. see the review
Bulldoze for Noriyah escort wrote:
It's the ones like this that seem oblivious to their own boundaries that end up dragging their S.O. or Spouse down. Usually to the police station, because most people wouldn't put up with this and eventually go upside their head at the continued disrespect. see the review
Vallejos for Cholanee escort wrote:
Which is why you need to bail and not let it get to that point. It's 4 this phase she should not be able to keep her hands off of you, not texting exes for validation. She is showing you who she is..believe her before you do something you'll regret. see the review
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