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Pdurand for Shudoh escort wrote:
Tell the guy you're plus size. Put on one of your best outfits and ask one of your girls to come over and take full length shots with your cell phone camera and use those and post one of them with your profile making it plain and clear that you're not a size-zero supermodel and if that's what they're looking for, wish them luck in their search and keep it moving--they're not going to find her here. see the review
Seducing for Zeyba escort wrote:
Just a little thought here.... see the review
Catalan for Emy Dayana escort wrote:
You should think about that. You seem like a great gal, and I'm sure you will find a good partner who values togetherness the same as you. Not just full profile pics, but full profile personality and life. Best of luck. see the review
Coactor for Cimia escort wrote:
I'm a bigger girl, and guys are quite okay with it. I've met some nice men, and weight hasn't been a major issue. Nothing has stuck yet, but these guys are totally cool with it and even prefer it. These are the guys that don't like bone-thin women because they almost feel like these women will break like fragile glassware. There are creepers, and sometimes I think men will go after the chubbies, as they think the chubbies are more desperate, so they can get some easy out for those. see the review
Opperman for Cetina escort wrote:
So, I texted him if he wanted to have the exclusive talk now or when he comes back in town? see the review
Kim for Rudainah escort wrote:
Enough is enough, no? see the review
Unconscionable for Steava escort wrote:
You do not need to put up with that. see the review
Smich for Jamel escort wrote:
I mean. it's entirely possible he is just insecure and wants constant affirmation that you aren't shopping him...I can't really say just based on what you have posted... see the review
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