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Spouse for Sophie Kaleno escort wrote:
Like some others have posted-and I agree......."Having the talk" isn't something a lot of people do(maybe its more something younger kids do??)....It's usually pretty well understood once you start dating someone that you don't continue to date others "just in case"... see the review
Strikeout for Baisan escort wrote:
And if you really like him. what would be the difference if it's now or when he comes back???....By saying it the way you did, maybe he's thinking if he said "when I gets back" that would give you a clear conscious to do whatever you want til then....In other words, its awkward as me, anyway... see the review
Tobyman for Caisi escort wrote:
Not sure where you go from here....sorry... see the review
Proetus for Nuseibah escort wrote:
I like him though... see the review
Motorola for Raquell escort wrote:
You are making excuses for him. see the review
Nubbles for Hongyuan escort wrote:
Of course it is rude and pretty nasty too. see the review
Oxidant for Anna Lillie escort wrote:
Be careful. see the review
Curriculum for Leneh escort wrote:
Lost his trust how? I mean sorry but I cant agree to something I am not sure of. Does he want a girlfriend or exclusive dating? If he said girlfriend, I would say I wanna wait a little longer. If he said exclusive dating, I would say sure. There is no difference whether it's now or later. But if we are keeping in touch, we might as well say what we are right now instead of wasting time. see the review
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