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Nuzzles for Musko escort wrote:
Look at these posts of ours in the last 24 hours on this thread. see the review
Fauve for Korn escort wrote:
It's almost like all of us have seen so much of this before, we will easily bet money on no disclosure. Pretty sad that we've seen this movie so many times here with the same predictable results literally every time. see the review
Mattered for Ayem183 escort wrote:
We hardly have anything left that surprises us. see the review
Cistron for Cervelia escort wrote:
@Space Ritual see the review
Rissel for Wahaba escort wrote:
Exactly my toughts... see the review
Lints for Tally escort wrote:
I guess we humans are a completely messed up in our heads. see the review
Symphonic for Beea escort wrote:
We come search for counsels and then we still act upon our real motives as if those words that we've just received helped cover up a bit of our remorses. see the review
Blander for Meyot escort wrote:
Like making a step forward and hide the two backwards. see the review
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